Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter egg hunt

The yearly kids photos!

Me being cold! Just like every year.

The kids wanted to help put candy in the eggs! I had so much candy! It was for 6 kids:)

My pretty neice

Look at Taylor's hair it was so windy that day.

Easter fun. FINALLY!

Once again I had to force Zack to color eggs!!! He did have fun for the one egg he colored!

Putting stickers on the eggs

Clean hands after coloring.
All the eggs seemed to be the same color.
Chase did a great job using the tools

Sunday, April 12, 2009

..............Zack turns 10!!!!

I still can't believe that Zack is 10! wow time flies. We really didn't have a party for him this year. Conference weekend messed it up again:) We went as a family during the week to a jumping place. That was a lot of fun. I will have pictures later. Then on Saturday we had the cake and ice cream for him. I have a video of that as well.

Here are some videos of Zack. He stole my camcorder and recorded himself. He loves to look at himself:) Anyway they are really funny so I wanted to share.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

...........................Disney World

I have lots and lots of pictures of our wonderful trip to Disney World! It takes so long to load pictures so it might take me a few posts. They will not be in any particular order either:) I know you will see these backwards, but I am not going to cut and paste all this pictures in order it will take way to long:)
This is the kids leaving the park for the last time. They were so tired. They all napped everyday we were there. We didn't even get out of the parking lot when I took these.

Before we left we got all the kids ice cream it was a warm day.

Taylor isn't a chocolate eater so she had a cream sickle.

Carousel ride

Riding the train around Magic Kingdom

After the fireworks. Rob was with the boys riding more rides

Chase was saying I LOVE DISNEY WORLD!More family pictures.
The boys went on a roller coaster, but the twins were to small. We stayed back and watched a night time parade they loved it.
Eating cotton candy. They ate so much of it on this trip.

This was at the beginning of the parade and Taylor was in awe.

We had to wait in line for about an hour to Micky and Minnie. Zack didn't want to wait with us. He really likes Dan. They were ahead of us so they wouldn't let us in the room so our friends got an extra kid:)
Trying to cool off! The 4th day we were there is was really muggy and warm. The other days were so great weather wise.

Chase was picked to help out with a skit at one of the restaurants that we ate at. He was so excited. He got a dinosaur and certificate. We lost the dinosaur:(

Favorite ride! Chase wanted to go with Levi this time. We were so lucky to have a disability pass. Since Zack has C.P and our friends kid has autism we got this passes. We didn't have to wait in lines like everyone else. This ride had an 1 1/2 hr wait. We would only wait about 10-15 min. to get on it. We went on this ride 4 times :)

Chase wanted to hold Levi's hand since they were riding the ride together!

We had a pool at the house we were at. We just bought life vests for the kids before we came and Taylor did amazing in it! She was jumping into the pool and swimming all around. Chase and Jesse got in the 1st day when it was to cold. They didn't turn the heat on in time. The boys wouldn't get back in the pool after that.

We bought Chase this hat the 2nd day. He was taking a nap with the hat. He went to bed with it also. He wore it everyday after that. Jesse got the same hat, but didn't really want to hear it. Not sure why he wanted it so bad.

Walking back to the car one day.

There was a kids play at Hollywood studios. The kids loved it. I hated it. There were so many kids I was so afraid to lose one of them. There is only one exit, but I was still no nervous the whole time. I had Taylor and Chase and Rob had Zack and Jesse. I lasted about 1/2 hr before I wanted to leave I just couldn't take it any longer!
They didn't want to sit here. Right in front of them is a big dog nose that was sniffing them. It was so big I didn't know what it was until someone told me. I didn't get a picture, because you wouldn't haven't know what it was either. They were so scared.

Riding the tram to the parks. The parking lots were far away from the parks so we would have to ride the tram. The kids loved riding it.

This is part of their favorite ride. The toy story. You got to wear 3D glasses and when you would shoot things you would get a puff of air or even get wet if you got a water balloon.

Our friend Dan with his 2 girls Maddy and Ellsie

We were watching play house Disney live!

Chase and our friends son Levi.
Dumbo ride!

Zack was laughing really hard.
They opened and closed those trays so many times!

Our plane ride to Florida. This was our first plane ride as a WHOLE family. They did so good! Zack loved the turbulence. He would say can we go bouncy, bouncy again. Zack loves Rob's Ipod. He likes to look at the pictures on it.