Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More Binkies!!!

This week we got rid of the binkies!! My babies are growing up. Rob told me I had until after our trip then I had to get rid of the binkies! We didn't want the grandparents to suffer! We made it though. Last week I cut off all the ends. I am not strong enough just to throw them out. Taylor noticed before she even put it in her mouth that it was "Broken" The 1st few nights they would still try and suck on them. Then they would just hold them. Now they don't want them:) So happy. They will be in a crib though until they are 5. I am not ready to give up the ease of putting them to bed just yet.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Fever

Yes I have spring fever so bad!!! After being in Hawaii for a week and wearing shorts and a t- shirt I am not so happy that I am back to wearing jeans, a long shirt and a COAT!!!! We are only going to be 50 today with a chance of rain or snow that does not impress me. Luckily we got out yesterday and were able to jump on our tramp. We finally got it all set up last week. We tried to get it done before we left, but didn't because we were having our backyard fixed. We needed a place for the tramp. So we had some landscapers come and cut a place out for it in our yard. Now we don't have to move it once a week to mow our lawn and the kids have more running room.

The cousins came over and they got to play. Once again Zack has no pants on. Look how high Taylor can go. She has NO FEAR on that thing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our third day we went to Pearl HarborThis is where we went snorkeling. It was a cooler day so I got cold, but we were able to see so many really cool fish!!! I really liked it.

We went to the Dole pineapple farm. They had a guy version of a pineapple, but Rob wouldn't do it!!

One day we went out and swam with the sharks in this cage!! It was more scary to me thinking about the boat ride then it was thinking about being in the water with the sharks. We got some great pictures of them in the water, but it was our water camera. I will have to think of a way to get them on our computer. Our scanner doesn't work right now. We did get sick on the boat. I didn't throw up, but Rob and many other people did. It was fun once we were on land and realized what we had done!!!
Another day of snorkeling. Rob is the white boy in the picture!!
We even got a little bit of sex ed. These are two turtles!!! Not to much fun if you ask me.
We played Volleyball here. On one of the snorkeling trips we also played volleyball it was a lot of fun, but tiring. It is twice as hard playing in the water. It has been way to long since Rob and I have gotten to play together.

What a great trip we had. It was fun just being together for a full week!! I am so grateful for my parents and mother in law who went without sleep so we could be together.


Okay so I have a few mintues!!

These are the views from our hotel room. We didn't start out with this great of a view, but the room we had was right next to the service elevator so we were woken up quite bit so they moved us. We were on the 11th floor it took some getting used to. I really enjoyed reading at night on the balcony.
This is right outside our hotel. I wanted to be right on the beach. Diamond head is in the back ground. I really wasn't trying to get this couple.We rented a car the first day to go to the temple. This is a mountain that was covered by clouds. We went this way 2 other times and every time it was covered in clouds.

More clouds
This was just off the highway. Would you love this view of your front yard!! Very pretty.

This is the Hawaii temple. It was the 5th temple built. 1st outside the continental US. We did a session. Then they asked us to do sealings. That was really cool. It had rained while we were in the temple, but when we came out all way clear.

More beaches along the way.
The second day we went to the Polynesian cultural center. This was a boat ride we took. This was a wonder day. I learned so much about many different people.

Doing the Hula. Not so impressive!

Two cute boys!!! There were quite a lot of them that day!!!

These two guys are from New Zealand. I was so excited to talk to them. My parents are going on a mission there in June. I got to learn a lot in just a short amount of time.
This guy was the star of the show! He did a show during the day about Samoa he was so funny. Then at night he was in the horizon show and did fire throwing. It was so cool.

Same guy. Not a good picture, but you can see what he was doing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back Home

We got back on Sunday night from the Hospital. Jesse is doing really well. The doctors were so surprised how well he got better. ( I know of course, he got a blessing!!) He is on 5 different kinds of medication 2 for the phenomena and 3 for the asthma. Hopefully he will not have to be on meds for his asthma all his life like me. He does have a good chance to out grow it. They told me that as well!! He was such a tropper. He didn't cry when they put the IV in him. He didn't complain when they had to put the mask on him for his breathing treatments!! What a kid. We have a home breathing treatment here and whenever he puts in on Taylor starts to cry. She is afraid of it and wants us to take it off!! She thinks it hurts him. She loves Jesse. She asked for him everyday and didn't want to nap without him. Sunday night when we put them to bed they slept in the same crib they didn't want to be apart! I just love it!!! Thanks for the prayers! Tomorrow is my day to get more pictures of our vacation. It is surprising how much work you have to do when you are gone for just a week!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We are back!!!

We are back from our trip. We got in Friday at 7:15 am. We took an all night flight home. It was awful. I thought I would sleep, but I only got about an hour of sleep over a 7 hour flight. Poor Rob had to work at 1:30, but he survived. I would love to post pictures, but unfortunately out little Jesse is in the ICU right now. He had a cough when we got home on Friday and by the evening he was having trouble breathing. I got up with him about 2 am and just held him until 6am. I was tired of him having trouble breathing so I took him to the ER. He has phenomena and asthma. The asthma is what is really bad. They had to transfer us from one hospital to another one that had a peds ICU. I have been there all day. I came home to shower and see the other 3 kids. I feel so bad we were gone for a week came back for one day and both Rob and I have been gone all day. Thank goodness my parents are here to watch the kids. What a blessing!!! He is doing better and hopefully get to come home in the next couple of days. I will post pictures of our wonderful trip we had such a great time!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We are leaving on our vacation to Hawaii tomorrow!!! My parents are here to watch the 4 kids. I don't know if I am more excited to go or scared to leave my kids!!! We hope we get to leave tomorrow. There is a storm coming tonight that is supposed to dump 3-8 inches of snow in the Denver Metro area. I sure hope they are wrong on this one!!!!!!! We will most pictures when we get back next Friday.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Zack

Today is Zack's 9th birthday!! I sure can't believe it. Time sure goes by fast.

You notice that it is 10 to 7:00. When I did this post. Zack got up today at 6am. Our clock said that it was 7:00am. I didn't think it looked light enough outside, but I thought maybe it was cloudy. I got up so Rob could sleep in (his has been working 12hrs everyday all week to make up for time off for our trip) I get down stairs and all the clocks say 6:00am. Our clock upstairs has a "brain" in it! When you plug it in it will automatically give you the time everywhere you live or move to. Today was day light savings day until they moved it up this year. So it moved the time up an hour. So I got to get up an hour earlier than I normally would have. Thank goodness for Sunday!!!

I went to Zack's school on Friday to bring cupcakes. I also bought 5 helium balloons. When Zack saw me he ran so fast that he tripped and fell. He wasn't coming for me his was wanting the balloons. He was so happy and screaming and yelling with excitement. We were in the special ed room so at least we didn't interrupt his regular class room. During the party one of the aides went and got a lady who works in the front office. She and Zack are close. She wanted to come and see the party. During the party one of the aides was telling me that another aide was out of the state visiting her sick mother. She was going through a tough time with this. The aide told me that she had Zack call her and talk to her today. After their conversation Zack had really cheered up this person. The aide was so happy that she had Zack call her. When I was signing out after the party at the front office all the ladies were telling me how much they love Zack and how he makes their day!! He goes in there after lunch everyday to take some medication. I was really happy of course after leaving the party. When Zack was almost 2 and we found out the he had Cerebral Palsey. We were devastated and did a lot of crying why me, why me was said a lot! I never would have dreamed that we were being so blessed! Why me what did I do to deserve such a wonderful son! There are a lot of challenges that come with his condition and some days I am pulling my hair out, but it is days like this that make it all worth it. Zack loves everyone and has the personality to make everyone he meets laugh. He has been to 3 different schools in 3 years and every time we are leaving the school I hear how he makes them laugh everyday and when they are in a bad mood somehow he can make them happier!!! They are always sad to see him go. I LOVE YOU ZACK YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL CHILD!!!!

I have to tell all who are wanting to have children NOT to have their kids anytime the 1 st week of April or the 1st week of October!!! Why you ask, because of Conference. I have 3!!! Zack's is of course April 6th and the twins are October 4th. Birthdays are so hard to plan in small 2 hour increments!!! Me of all people know that you can't PLAN when you are going to get pregnant. When I thought I could I got twins that sure wasn't in my plan book!!!

So we went to McDonald's yesterday. He had a friend from school come his cousins and his 2 teachers from primary. They are such a blessing to us and they just love Zack as well!!!
This is Shawn, Zack's BEST friend, They are so cute together. They always hug and tell each other how much they love each other!!!
The kids eating!

This is Shawn and his mom and uncle. His dad was working that day.
This was his McDonald's cake.
I bought a Costco cake as well the other cake wasn't big enough. What was so funny was I gave all the kids the McDonald's cake first and then started giving the adults the Costco cake. All my kids wanted the Costco cake. My kids know what they are doing :)
Zack opening presents. He got Blue's Clues notebooks. He still loves the show after all these years. He took a hiatus after Steve left. Now that they play more reruns he wants to watch again. If he sees one with Joe on it he says "no the REAL one" funny how kids think.
I think we got over 200 balloons at his party. He loves balloons. Of course most of them landed on my dinning room floor at the end of the day!