Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chase is becoming a man!

The more scars you have the more of a man you are right???? At least that is what my husbands says.

Last night we were going on a walk in our open space. The 3 younger ones were on their scooter and Zack was in a electric jeep. Chase rode a head. Way ahead and I couldn't see him. A jogger came back with Chase. I knew it wasn't good when someone one was helping him. He was crying pretty hard. I looked at his chin and knew right away he needed stitches. The other 3 kids were mad because we didn't make it to the bridge. (There is a bridge on our open space path that the kids love to go to.) Of course Rob was at work so I took them all back to the house. Luckily a neighbor was home. She stayed with Chase while I ran to a friends house to drop off the other 3 kids. 2 hours and 12 stitches later we returned. Chase was so amazing. He didn't cry and wasn't scared. He felt the last 2 stitches. That made me feel really bad. I was sick to my stomach the rest of the night. It looked so gross. Chase was so brave and laid there I didn't have to hold him down or anything. All he wanted was were stickers. I have pictures from my cell phone they are not the best, but you get the idea.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th of July

Waiting for the parade to start.

Chase would go up to people and get the things they were handing out. He didn't care if it was candy or just a piece of paper! He even got a water bottle. The parade was short this year, but the kids had fun.

Waiting for someone to come by with something.
More waiting

The sun went behind the clouds and these 2 instantly got cold!

Chase learned how to ride his bike without training wheels

Chase learned how to ride his bike without training wheels last weekend. We were at my nephew and niece's birthday party when he learned. Tanner had a bike there without training wheels so Rob started to teach him. It only took him 5 minutes to learn. He just took off. He didn't even fall once. He has been riding his scooter all over the place. It has only 2 wheels so I think he got the balance from that. He has been riding his bike to school everyday since then. He is so proud of himself for learning:)

1st Day of school

Chase started Kindergarten and Zack started 5th grade!

Standing in line the 1st day of school to go into class.
This is Chase's friend from pre-school. He doesn't want to be without Katie! We all went to McDonald's one day after school and Chase couldn't find her. He started to cry because he didn't see her.Zack getting off the bus at school the 1st day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well both Zack and Chase need to have their tonsils out! We knew for a long time that Zack needed this done. His tonsils are ALWAYS swollen. He gags on food a lot and now he can throw up so easily now so we made the apt to have him looked at. Chase has been showing some signs of needed them out as well so we went in today. Zack will have his surgery on August 6th. Chase's will be in Sept. when he is off track. I am not looking forward to the surgeries, but it's good to get it done when they are young. The funny thing today was when we pulled up at the doctors office (which is inside the hospital) Zack asked me if I was going to get a baby PUT into my tummy today! So funny how the birds and the bees are different at my house:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


While the guys went water rafting we went to the zoo. This is grandma Allen with most of the kids.
This under water turtle didn't move it was the weirdest thing.
Me and my sister in Law Wendy with most of the kids.

The polar bears were just starting to fight. Polar bears are my most favorite animal in the zoo.

Zack couldn't walk the whole way so we had the wagon with to help him a long.This summer we have had thunder, lighting and rain almost everyday. Today was no exception. We were almost done with the zoo when the rain came. When we were driving back it started to hail so bad we waited under a tree in the van. We ended up going to get some pizza and waiting for the hail and rain to stop.

Catching up with the summer fun!

It has been way to long since I have posted. We haven't done a ton, but we have done a few things.

Chase is in T-ball again this summer. He is really enjoying it again.
At the end of the game the kids run through the parent tunnel.
Listening to coach.