Sunday, October 11, 2009

The twins turn 4 years old

Time is sure flying! My babies are 4 years old. Taylor is such a crack up. A few weeks ago I had done her hair and she didn't like it. She looked in the mirror and said that it was adorable. I wondered why she was crying so I said if it is adorable then you like it. She said no it's adorable. Then I figured it out that she meant horrible! She has still made that mistake a few times again. Then today all the boys were wanting to play with Rob and she came up to me and said mom can we go shopping! It melted my heart:) I just love to shop and I am so glad that I will always have a great companion to go with. I remember me and my sister and mom going shopping together. We loved to get up early and fight the crowds the day after Thanksgiving. I hope to do that with Taylor some day. Not soon though!

Rob's parents came for a visit for the twins birthday it was a great time. They thought it was fun to have grandparents here. When I told them we were going to have grandma and grandpa Allen come they asked if it was the ones that we talk to on the computer:) My parents are on a mission in New Zealand and we talk to them all the time via Skpye. Zack will call them all the time on his own many times a day in fact:)
We went to build a bear and got them each a stuffed animal. Jesse got a black bear and named it beary. All his animals have a y at the end of their name. Taylor named her purple cat Edward. Not sure why she did that.
Giving the animals a bath.
Loading the stuffed animals with stuffing.

Picking out the sound that the animal will make!
Opening up presents.
Jesse didn't want to let these presents go even though he had more to open.

Taylor found her sun glasses and would not take them off. I got this picture just as she was looking into her purse. she got lip gloss and fingernail polish. She was so excited she screamed!
She got some close for her cat.
Grandma and Grandpa Allen

Our neighbor came for the cake and ice cream.
Taylor's hair was so close to the flame!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Forks Ranch

These are pictures of Rob and I's trip to Three Forks Ranch. Rob was lucky enough to be picked to go on the wonderful trip. We were there with 8 other couples. We had a blast. It was only 3 days and nights, but it was a lot of fun. Rob's brother and family watched the kids for us when we were gone. I have never eaten so much red meat in my life. They had it at both lunch and dinner! I don't like fish so that was my choice. The food was great!

These pictures are backwards. Starting with the last day going forward. I already spend to much time on the computer to switch them around so they are out of order.

My last fish I caught! I had to give it a kiss goodbye! I really didn't kiss it though. This fist was 20 inches long, but it was really meaty!

This fish was 22 1/2 inches long!!! My biggest fish I caught.He was or I should say she was trying to get away and I wasn't done taking pictures yet. I know it was a female fish because she was letting out eggs all over the place.

Such a beautiful place! This was a guy that our guide took out, but I loved the picture of the river so I had to add it.

Letting the fish go.
Another 21 inch fish:) Our guide Eric. He has been fishing all over the world. This was he birthday and he told NO ONE! He told me the last day we were there that it was his birthday.

This is how we got around on the ranch. They little machaines are amazing! We went over big rocks, hills and even deep water and it got us everywhere we wanted to go!

This is out guide. He was great! We had a lot of fun with him. This is the 21 incher fish. I caught 2 the second day.
Working together fishing:)

I was with the fishing guide across the river when we saw him catch a fish.
Here Rob is with that same fish realing it in.
Here he is with the fish he caught!
Me trying to get the fish out of the water!
This was the first fish I touched. I was a little grossed out. After a while it didn't bother me anymore. I caught 8 fish my fist day out. Rob caught 6. He was happy though he wants me to like it so HE can go fishing more often.

After the horse back ride Rob got another guide and they went out for a little over an hour. He caught 4 fish in that time. So he wasn't as mad at me:) These are just the 2 he caught.

We also got to go shooting! I didn't do so good. I got 3 out of 50! Rob did so much better than me. The 3 that I got my eyes were closed so I am not sure how I managed to shoot them!

The last day you would like that I would be a better fly fisherman:) Not really the case. I caught my earing, my cheek (you can see the cut) and my elbow which I had to pull out myself! In my defense it was a hard place there were trees really close all around. I was in up to my thighs in water and it was much harder!
Rob went horse back riding while I fly fished with the guide by myself. He was so mad at me because he wanted to fish and not go horse back riding. I told him he should go. It was a very boring ride! The horse guide didn't talk at all and they went really slow!!!