Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre School

This was Chases end of the year party at school. He may or may not get to go to this school next year. They moved some of the pre school's around for the next year so he may be going to his home school.His speech teacher
His friend Racekiah she is such a sweet girl.
Getting his preschool certificate.
All of the kiddos
All the other teachers in his school.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Like father like son

Rob had lasik done on his eyes last month. He had some problems with his left eye and had to go back in to have it cleaned out more. (that is the G rated version of what they did. The real version makes we want to throw up) Anyway after, he was supposed to have his eyes closed, but he wasn't tired so he just put a bandanna over it. Chase saw it and wanted to be just like him:) He was so cute and very excited that he could wear one as well!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jesse's Hospital bill!!

I got the EOB today from Jesse's hospital stay.
The grand total for 2 days in the hospital was 21,453.30!! Yep that is right! It was less to have the twins with a c- section and 4 days in the hospital. I started out at the closest hospital and they didn't have a peds ICU so they transfered us. The ER visit was 5922.43 the transportation cost was 3843.75 Then the ICU stay for a little over 12 hrs was 8006.12. There are a few misc. bills in there as well. So our grand total of everything was 2357.43. I looked at that first and thought WHAT!! After I saw all the bills I was so happy to only be paying that. This means now that Rob will be able to get a nose job:) He has had trouble breathing out of his nose forever. He went in to have it checked and it is all messed up. It will not be just a normal easy in and out surgery!! At least we will not be paying much for it now!!! Thanks Jess.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Vegetarian

I really don't have one, but Jesse is sure close. He will always eat his fruits and vegetables first and if he is in the mood he will eat the chicken or beef. Every time we have a party and have a vegetable tray he is always eating from it. Broccoli, carrots, red peppers and olives. He always wants any fruit that we have. He makes us laugh.
Here he is eating a cucumber. He eat the whole thing.



Well almost! We are done with the tile we just now need to paint and put the trim back on. Here is what it looks like so far.We will be starting on the half bath and hallway downstairs this next week!!! I hope we get it done before my parents have to leave!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Saturday was Chase's last game. He wouldn't run the whole season. He would usually look at me and say I am so slow I don't want to run. Last week I wasn't feeling well so I had my dad take him to the game by himself. They come home and Chase tells me he scored a goal. I didn't believe him, but my dad said that he did. He ran the whole length of the field and made a goal!!!! I would of course miss it. This week he didn't score, but at least he actually PLAYED the game. He ran and kicked the ball it was so much fun to see him having fun FINALLY!!! I am glad that we stuck it out and made him keep going. Now he says he likes it. We start t-ball next week so we will see what happens.
He ran this to the goal, but right before the ball went in that big blond boy kicked it out:(
After the game all the kids got trophy's. Jesse really wanted to go to the game. To bad it was only 40 degrees outside and WINDY! He was so cold.All the kids on the team. They were all so cute and we had fun getting to know them and their moms.

What we have been up to....

We have been busy around here doing more home improvement!!! We have carpet in our master bath and I HATE IT!!! My kids get the floor so wet when they take a bath in there. I can fit all of them in there at once so I like putting them in there. We decided to put tile down. Since my mom and dad are staying with us for awhile we roped my dad into helping us.
These were the supervisors!
My dad!

Rob and my dad trying to figure out how to make a really hard cut. They had to do 3 different triangle cuts on one piece of tile. They did it though and it really looks good.
This is what it looks like now. We have laid all the tile down now. Tomorrow we will glue it all to the floor. Tuesday we will grout and I HOPE by Wednesday I will have my toilet back!!! I will post the finished product!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I finally got some pictures of the shark adventure that we went on. Some are blurry that is what you get with a water camera and being so sick you can't hold the camera very still.

Here is Rob. He of course didn't get any of me!
Sorry not the best picture

You can see the boat off in the distance. We were in a cage tied to the boat.

You can see the cage that we were in. At this point they were throwing in bate for the sharks so there was a ton of them around us. I was freaking out because they were coming so close to the cage!