Saturday, June 28, 2008

A whirlwind trip

Last week Rob and I were able to go to the DC temple for a wedding. We were only in DC for about 25 hours. We spent most of the day in the temple. It was very beautiful and huge!! We had never been to that temple before so we were very excited. Rob was the escort for our friend Ron. He is a convert to the church so we were the only ones in the temple for him. I am so glad that we were able to make it. His wife has a wonderful family and they were all there as well.
My brother and sister in law survived the trip as well. They were privileged enough (ha ha) or I should say the only ones that we trust our kids over night or the only other family we have here:) They were so great to take the kids for us they all got along well except Zack got up at 5:30am there goes asking them to do it again!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chase is growing up!

Yesterday Chase was saying things that made me realize that he is turning into a little boy. First we were driving home from the park. On the way to the park Chase had said that he wanted to sit in the backseat on the way home. The 3 little kids alway fight about where they are going to sit:( When we were getting in after the park Chase sat in one of the front seats. Half way home he started to get mad saying that he was supposed to sit in the back on the way home. I asked him what can I do to make it better since we are not stopping to change seats. He thought for a moment and with a shy smile he says go to McDonald's. That had Rob and I laughing so hard.

Later that day Chase was playing with my moms batons to lead music with. He broke it (sorry mom) and said grandma is going to be mad at me for braking it lets hide it and then proceeded to hide it in the kitchen somewhere. I told me that we don't hide things that we brake and we would just tell grandma that we were sorry, in a year and a half:)

After I was putting the twins down for a nap I went down stairs. Zack was sitting on the couch eating a pop sickle that he wasn't supposed to have. I took that away from him I asked Zack were Chase went because he was downstairs when I put the twins down. I started to look for him and he was hiding in our bar area with a pop sickle as well. He had a smile on his face stood up and gave me the pop sickle. I didn't even say anything to him before he had given it to me. Now I am in big trouble! All those things in just one day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reminiscent Tag

20 Years Ago: I can't believe this one. I had just turned 16 and my best friend and I were driving ourselves to EFY for the first time. I had my license for only a week and my friend Bonnie had it for a month:0 We drove ourselves from Salem Oregon to Provo Utah. Bonnie's younger brother came with us. It was I think a 14-15 hour drive. We drove to Boise the first day where we stayed with Bonnie's grandparents and then went the rest of the way. I remember other adults in the ward were so worried, upset, frantic that we were doing this. My mother was telling me about all the comments that people were saying. I still remember thinking "what is the big deal" I didn't think that this was a scary situation at all. We did the same thing the next year. I remember on the way we were listening to the radio and heard the song "Don't worry be Happy" for the first time.
So now I would NEVER let my child at 16 do that with a friend. NO WAY I am in shock now that my parents let us do that. They were crazy!!!!

5 Years Ago: I was 3 months pregnant with Chase. I still remember the shock of actually being pregnant. I didn't think that I would ever be able to be pregnant. I wasn't sick a day of that pregnancy so I gained a TON of weight! Chase was only 5lb 3 oz who it was all me!

3 Years Ago:
Almost to the weekend I was in California going to a wedding of one of my great friends from College. We were roomies and had a great time together. We had a lot of fun and stayed in touch. Rob and I got to go on one last vacation together before the TWINS came. I was 3 months away from delivering them. The wedding was so great my friend was 34 being married for the first time so it was such a blessing to be able to be there. I loved it! We saw the new batman movie and just loved it!

1 Year Ago: I was depressed missing all of my friends from the Fanno Creek ward. The summer before we spend so many days at the park together. Now I didn't have a lot of friends to go to the park with.

This year so far We have been really blessed. Rob has been working hard so we have been able to pay off a lot of bills buy a home and even get our years supply of food storage. We were lucky enough to get my parents to come and watch the kids while we went to Hawaii for a week. I survived living with my parents for 2 months and I still love them:)

Yesterday: Rob and I were flying back from Washington DC we went to a wedding of a friend. We got to the temple at 10am went to a session. Then Rob was the escort for the groom. Another great love story of 2 older people. After the wedding we stayed for a little put and then had to head to the airport! I was lucky enough to ask (con) my brother and sister in law to watch the kids. I am not sure she will do that again since Zack was up at 5:30am

Today I got things put away from our trip, took Zack to get his glasses fixed then took them all to McDonald's for lunch. Tonight I am going to a baby shower at the Cheesecake factory! YUM YUM

Tomorrow Nothing!!! Just relaxing yeah right with 4 kids home all day long!

In the next year I will have Zack in 4th grade Chase in pre-school for 4 days Jesse and Taylor in pre-school for 2 days. I think I will start going to the gym again. I really am missing it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Trip to the North Pole

North Pole Colorado that is...

We went on a fun day trip with the kids down to Colorado Springs. They have an amusement park there with a Christmas theme. The kids didn't really care about Christmas since it is so far away, but they had so much fun on the rides.The 4 of them had so much fun riding the rides together!!!
This ride was so fast that I screamed. Taylor and Jesse didn't even care how fast it was they had so much fun.

Listening to someone sing Christmas songsI think Zack had the most fun. He got to ride some big boy rides by himself. I am a wimp and Rob rode one with him and had a stomachache after that so he didn't ride much after that! My kids are going to have boring old parents when they grow up!

We had to have ice cream of course!
After it was all over we were on our way home. No naps of course. Jesse was asleep before we left the parking lot almost.
Chase was the next one to go to sleep
Taylor was 3rd- it took her a little while to fall asleep. Zack of course didn't fall asleep. He just looked like a zombie in the back, but wouldn't go to sleep!
We had a wonderful day it was fun to see our kids having so much fun!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Terrible Day

I think if I were to drink I would be drunk right now!!!!!!!

Today started off just great then I decided that I wanted to change my blog layout to a cuter one. I did and it deleted all of my friend's blog. So I had saved the html link on anther page, but it didn't bring back you guys:( So I go to change it back to the cute layout and it will not work!!! Now I had to choose from one of the not so cute layouts from blogger. There is no number to call you can't even email them, you just write a question in hopes that someone in the blogging world will know the answer. So I was going through trying to restore all of your blogs. One of the kids gets me up from the computer and I walk in the kitchen and notice water coming out of my light! Not a good sign. I ran upstairs and there was no lie, 3 inches of water on my master bathroom floor. Water was also coming into my bedroom on the carpet. I just died. Zack was in the tub with the water running having a time of his life. MY NEW TILE FLOOR!!!!! Do you want the good or the bad news now???

The good news is the bathroom floor seems to be okay. The bad news is that my dining room ceiling has holes in it now from the water dripping. I didn't take a picture because I don't want to remember this! I know it can be fixed, but that is just more money that you don't want to spend!!! I haven't turned on the light yet in the kitchen for fear that it would blow something up. Then I go down into the basement and there is water dripping from the ceiling in there. I have no idea where that water is coming from. I don't have a wet floor on the main level so who knows where that is coming from. To top it off I have had the worst stomach pain all day long! It has come and gone, but of course when I was shoveling water into the tub it was killing me!! I hope my day goes better. Oh yeah now I get to drag 20 wet towels down stairs and wash all of them.

Also is you don't see your name on my sidebar and it is usually there let me know so I can add it:)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


We started T-ball a few weeks ago with Chase. I thought that watching them play soccer was funny, but T-ball is even more hilarious. There is so much for these little ones to figure out. Chase had his first game on Saturday. When the kids would hit the ball everyone close would all run over to the ball and tackle the other player. It should have been football. One little boy would tackle anyone who had the ball. Chase was so sad because he wasn't getting the ball. The next kid hit it right to him. He got the ball and then was tackled by two other kids. So funny! Here are some photos of his practice and game.
This is Chase with his coach

Here is another coach

I was standing on the line so I could take his picture Chase saw me and starting saying "Cheese"
You can't even see his eyes!

Tired after a hard day of play!

He really needs to start lifting weight. The lightest bat is really heavy for him:)
Running for the ball
Chase was running to second base. He was so far off you can't even see the base. He wasn't the only one. One kid would hit the ball and then run after his own ball and wouldn't let the kids have it:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Packed and ready to go

My parents left on Thursday for their mission to New Zealand. Or at least the MTC for a week. They sure had a hard time packing and repacking for their trip. With stricter airlines with weight and SIZE. That was the biggest problem. They had to go buy some new luggage just so it wasn't to big. The international airlines are the biggest sticklers. They did have to leave a few things behind, but for the most part they were able to pack what they wanted to take. My kids are going to miss them so much. They have lived with us for over 2 moths now. Zack and Taylor have already asked for them. If you want to know more about their mission I MADE my dad start a blog you can go here to read about their time living with us and then their mission. I will really miss them. I am excited for them and hopefully Rob and I will get to go visit them before they leave.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As a final farewell we went out to dinner with my parents tonight. They are fling to SLC tomorrow and will report to the MTC on Monday. They will be there for a week and then they fly to New Zealand. We went and got Sundays on the way home. I started to show my parents come cool sight around the place so we just gave the kids their chocolate sunday. This is what Jesse looked like when were got home. He really wanted every drop of the chocolate and was sticking his face in to get more:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Projects

We finished another bathroom and hallway. It was a lot faster we didn't do anything fancy this time. I even got brave enough to cut some of the tile myself. Here is the handy work.