Thursday, March 19, 2009

...............Rob's Birthday and Anniversary

Rob's birthday was Tuesday he worked all day so we had a nice dinner and party for him last Saturday. I made the cake this time. Not so good!
The kids asked what happened to the cake. No more bunt cakes for me:) It did taste good though.

Our Anniversary was yesterday!!! 15 years I still can't believe it. Rob is the best and I am so lucky that he is mine:) here is a song that totally reminds we of our relationship:)

So we couldn't got out to dinner last night by ourselves because it was the YM/YW last night and I didn't want anyone to miss it. I was so sick and didn't want to cook so we went to Applebee's (Jesse's favorite place to eat) he asked me why we were there and I told him to celebrate daddy and me getting married. Then he said I want to get married to in the Temple!!! YEA this kid is learning. I was so proud of him:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

.....................Zack's Cooking

Zack is becoming more independent in his cooking. Good and bad! he can get himself cereal and a drink by himself. The problem is he does it when he isn't supposed to sometimes:) He also is able to warm up food for himself in the microwave. Another good and bad thing. Today is was diffidently a bad thing! I was upstairs talking to my parents when the fire alarms starting going off. If got off quickly from my parents and ran downstairs. The 3 younger kis were all crying because it was so loud. Zack was warming up a piece of pizza!
This is what I came downstairs to!
I need to tell him it doesn't take 75 minutes to heat up one piece of pizza!
This is the after math!

This is the underside of the plate. Chase was so sad because this blue plate is his favorite! Of course it couldn't have been a color that my kids don't care about!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

..................Random Pictures

I was looking at my camera and saw some pictures that I had taken. I don't scrapbook much anymore so I need to add them here:)

Taylor and Chase ran into each other and she got the biggest goose egg. You can't really see it here. She was just so funny trying to look at her bump!

Zack found Taylor's dollar store purse and was wearing all day. He look so funny, but he was having so much fun.