Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Potty training

It is potty training time at our house. I have looked forward and dreaded this moment for a few months now. Jesse was doing wonderful when he would just be asked to pee here and there. Now that I put him in underwear he refuses all together. So I stopped doing him now. Taylor is doing great just a few accidents here and there. The worst was in the gas station convenience store where is stopped looked down and watched herself pee. Right in front of 3 other people:) When I came home with new underwear for the twins Chase asked where his new underwear was. He was in need of new ones anyway so I got him some. Today I was doing laundry and Taylor was helping. I was upstairs doing somethings and came down with her wearing Chases new underwear.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Walk

We are really enjoying living in Highlands Ranch. It is a master planned community. So before they started to build all the hundreds of homes they had a plan for everything. Part of the plan was open space and a lot of trails. We just love to go on walks with our kids. We have a trail right out our front door. When we are more adventurous we drive for about 7 minutes and get to this beautiful place. There are many ways to get up to the highest point. One way is going straight up. It is fast, but Zack has a hard time going straight up. There is a park right next to the entrance as well so we are always fighting with the kids to go on a walk and not go to the park. We found another entrance last week. It was an easy walk, but took forever. It was about 2-3 miles long. We only had 2 water bottles and no other food. They didn't do so well. 2 days later we went a different way. Much better route! We fed the kids at the picnic tables at the beginning of the trail and we were off. They did great. Here are some pictures of this beautiful place we live in. I really miss the beauty of Oregon, but places like this are helping.

This was right before we started the walk. The kids saw some cows and they were calling to them. It was really funny. They were saying here cowy cow!
Chase has his helmet, and knee pads on. He ran over and broke his other helmet so I had just got him a new one and he didn't want to take it off. He tells me now that he wants a skate board.

Views a long the way
This is at the top of the hill. This is down town Denver in the back. Too bad it was so smoggy. It looks like this a lot in the summer.

The trail along the way
We were almost to the end of the trail when I looked back and the boys were holding hands:) I was just so happy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!

I had to tell my mom sorry for not getting this up earlier! I forgot! I feel really bad for missing her birthday. It was yesterday, but really in New Zealand it was 2 days ago so that is worse! I made another video of the kids singing. You will not get the privileged of Rob getting ready for work this time:) Taylor was a little mad she wanted to sit in another chair. At least she sang! So mom I hope you had a great day! I am so glad that you are my mom. I really miss talking on the phone EVERYDAY even though it might have been just to tell you what great deal I got at the grocery store. I find myself picking up my cell phone to call you and then realize that oh yeah I can't do that now. I am glad that you have gotten a little more savvy on the computer and can email now! So I just hope you know that I love you! Miss you both and I am glad that you are doing so much good already on your mission!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping with the kids

We decided to go camping! We haven't camped since before I was pregnant with the twins. The kids loved it! They thought sleeping in a tent with sleeping bags was so cool! We camped in a place that had a little pool and a small playground. This was the kids had something to do. There was even showers at this place. So it wasn't out in the middle of no where.

This was Zack reading while he was waiting for breakfast.
The first day we went to 7 falls. It was pretty cool. It was a lot of money for the the hour that we spend their. It would be more worth it when you didn't have young kids, but I wasn't going to make my kids hike up 350 stairs:)
More falls
These are the stairs I was talking about.
We did take an elevator but to a lookout point and the kids liked that.
Walking into the falls

After the falls we went to Garden of the Gods and walked around the trails. Here are a few pictures. It was really windy here so they wouldn't open their eyes.Drinking hot chocolate in the morning.
Rob making breakfast.
Eating our wonderful meal.

We are going to try this again for the our ward camp out. I hope they do as well as we did this time.