Wednesday, February 25, 2009

....................Better late than never!!

For Christmas we decorated and painted the kids rooms. We had to wait to get all of the wall hangings before we took a picture. With Rob being out of town in January it took us until a couple weeks ago to finish the boys room.
Jess's side he loves cars

Taylor is all princess! There is a big whole on the wall because the 1st day she took down a picture!

Chase likes speed racer now. I wonder how long that phase will last. I hope awhile because I am not changing it!

Zack is all about Feeling faces. They have a poster at school for him to look at to help with what he is feeling at the moment. He has certain ones that he likes so we put them on the wall for him:)

Do you see those straight paint lines! It took a long time to do it, but it looks pretty good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peeps are in season!

Zack has been asking for over a month when his chick peeps will be at the store. This was in January. I told him he would have to wait until after Valentines day. It was the Tuesday before Valentines day and I had to take all 4 kids to Hobby Lobby (I DO NOT ADVISE THIS) anyway before we walked in Zack asked if they would have peeps and I told him no not for another week. When we got in the store they had PEEPS!!! Oh boy if you could have heard the excitement from Zack. He was yelling and laughing saying peeps, peeps. I LOVE PEEPS others around were not so amused. I had to buy him 2 boxes he was just so excited. Here are a few pictures of what he does with the peeps now that he has them. If he ate them all the time I wouldn't buy so many.
Don't look at my ugly yard. It is still hard not to have a green lawn in the winter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presedents Day fun

Rob had the day off so we went to a hot springs today. It was great only took about an hour to get there. The water was warm so I even got in:) They all had fun.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going on an Adventure!

I hear the kids say lets go on an adventure. The next thing I see is them sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. They do this all the time! Why bother with toys when you have a sleeping bag. I finally had to hide the sleeping bag because it was always at the bottom of the stairs. I warned them to pick it up, but it was always there. Zack got the great idea to take the bed mattress down the stairs. Boy is it fast. Very fun, but I don't let them do that anymore:) The pictures are blurry, but you can see their facial expressions pretty good!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chase's Birthday Finally!

I am so late I know. My parents keep asking me to just send them an e-mail of the pictures, but I hadn't even put them in the computer until a few minutes ago. I was very sad because our camera's batteries died BEFORE the cake, singing and presents. So sad! Before we left I thought about the batteries, but looked at the camera and there wasn't a sign telling us we needed new ones. I was very mad. Our cell phones don't take the best pictures so everything was so blurry! So sad. So here is what we have.

A Chuck E Cheese birthday party. Chase went to a party in December and ever since then he told me that is where he wanted his party. It was great we did it on a Wednesday night so it wasn't full at all. All the kids had a lot of fun! I didn't get everyone at the party either.

Chase's friend from school

Zack sat on this ride 90% of the time he loved it!

Another friend from school

and another friend from school

Dancing away.

Zack had so much fun! This kid can get anyone to do anything for him. We wanted cotton candy. He would go up to the counter and tell the girls ALL night that he wanted some. I asked how many tokens it took to get one and it was 650 or something that high. We ended up with only about 300. That was out, so I told Zack we wouldn't be able to get any. It was about 8pm and he had a bag of cotton candy. I asked him where he got it and he told me the lady! Okay. Later when we were all getting our prizes the girl behind the counter told me that he has asked her all night for the cotton candy. She told him that he needed tickets to get some. He walked away and came back later with ONE ticket! She just laughed and game him the bag of cotton candy! I tell you he can get anyone to do anything for him:)

Chase got his white plane that he has been asking for since Christmas! He was so happy and jumped up and down. He also got some great gifts from his friends. It's been great no t.v. for a long time around here too many toys to play with.